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Cosmetic Surgery Essentials

All people undergo a lot of physical and biological changes throughout their lives. Most of these changes start during the adolescent ages of an individual. Some physical changes can actually improve the appearance of a person, but there are also changes that are not very pleasing to the sight. Women in their motherhood years may become very conscious about their body. Most women start to gain weight after their pregnancy. Although a balanced diet and daily exercise can help reduce weight, it would still take a lot of time and effort to see noticeable results.

A plastic surgery is the easiest way to get the body you want. A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the most effective ways to enhance the appearance of your abdomen. It will help you reduce a massive amount of weight in just a single operation. This procedure is not only intended for women but also for men as well. The entire procedure is safe because it will be performed by a professional plastic surgeon. The recovery process, on the other hand, will only take around three weeks, depending on the physical and mental condition of the patient.

Mommy Makeover – Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

With regards to scheduling your tummy tuck procedure, you want to have the process carried out at a time that is convenient for you. Make sure you plan your scheduling of your surgery properly with the help of your surgeon. The scheduling should also include enough time for recovery. If you work or have something that generally demands a certain amount of your time on a regular basis, you may wish to add in a couple of extra days beyond the projected recovery time just to become on the safe side. Read the entire article at its main source.

Cosmetic surgeries are not only performed on the body. There are also surgeries that can help enhance the facial features of a person. During the later stages of adulthood, people experience a deterioration of their physical appearance. This is entirely normal and unavoidable. Nevertheless, it can be reversed through proper cosmetic surgery. Botox can help minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Facial fillers help improve the overall physical appearance by making the face looking younger.

Botox & Fillers

Botox remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it is a safe, non-invasive treatment for patients with the goal of correcting deep, pervasive wrinkles, as well as for younger patients who are also seeking out Botox treatments as a preventative anti-aging measure. A reason for this may be that  in addition to obscuring the appearance of current wrinkles and lines, Botox injections also serve a pre-emptive function, in that they prevent the creation of new wrinkles by constraining the patient from making the facial expressions responsible for the formation of wrinkles. To view the complete article, visit

Botox treatments and other cosmetic surgeries can only be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. Only a person with an in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy and various aesthetic procedures has the permit to perform such complex operations. It is advisable that you seek for an initial consultation from a plastic surgeon first before deciding to undergo a cosmetic surgery.

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Cosmetic Surgery: Defining Rhinoplasty

Physical appearance has always been a big deal in the society today. Men and women today are looking for ways to look beautiful. There are many over-the-counter products that can help enhance the physical appearance. Facial creams, toners, and make-ups are some of the products that many people use nowadays. These products conceal any imperfection on the skin which will result to a more radiant-looking appearance. However, some imperfections of the face cannot be concealed with just the use of these products. Fortunately, cosmetic surgeries are now available for everyone.

A cosmetic surgery is a clinical operation that is performed by a professional surgeon to correct or enhance some parts of the face and body. Facial plastic surgeries are probably the most common. One of the most popular facial plastic surgeries is rhinoplasty. This procedure enhances the shape of the nose. It is more commonly known as a nose lift due to the fact that part of the operation changes the height of the nose bridge. It would only take a maximum of two weeks before a patient can fully recover from the operation. There will be noticeable changes in the shape of the nose afterwards.


It improves physical appearance by making the nose symmetrical to the other parts of the face (based on the individual’s preference). It improves nasal function (for instance, in those with a deviated sepum and obstructed nasal passages). It boosts self-confidence. It can also help those with sleep apnea (or disruption in breathing while asleep). For more information, simply visit the main article source.

Cosmetic surgeries must only be performed by professional plastic surgeons. For rhinoplasty, a rhinoplasty surgeon is necessary. Rhinoplasty surgeons have undergone a special training for this kind of operation. They have full knowledge about the different shapes of the nose and its structure. There may be occasions that two surgeons will be necessary to perform a rhinoplasty on a patient. This depends on the discretion of the initial plastic surgeon.

Is There a Benefit to Having Two Rhinoplasty Surgeons Perform the Procedure?

In almost every case, it is best to have one surgeon perform your rhinoplasty procedure. While there are exceptions, the disadvantages of having two surgeons working together on a cosmetic procedure such as rhinoplasty usually outweigh the benefits. However, it is important that you do your homework and choose a surgeon who has the ability to execute all aspects of the procedure. To view the full article, check out

Rhinoplasty is not just a surgery for aesthetic purposes. It can also help fix broken noses, especially those that result from injuries. If you are quite unsure on whether you should go for a rhinoplasty or not, simply seek for advice from a professional plastic surgeon.


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Understanding Plastic Surgery and Rhinoplasty

It is very common to see men and women today who have undergone facial reconstruction through plastic surgery. It has become a norm in many countries already. Many people wanted to have a better looking face than others. There are several reasons for this, but happiness and contentment are the common ones. Some people do not feel contentment with how they look physically. It is normal for individuals to think this way because the society usually dictates the preferences of most people, especially with the outward appearance. Fortunately for these people, plastic surgery can be availed by anyone who desires a more good-looking physical appearance.

Although plastic surgeries are mostly focused on facial reconstruction such as rhinoplasty, there are also other surgical procedures that a patient can undergo to improve their physique. One example of which is the liposuction. This surgical procedure focuses on removing bad fats in the body. If coupled with a balanced diet, you can gain the body you have always desired. Plastic surgeries can only be performed by licensed surgeons. Surgical procedures in the human face and body require the delicate hands of a professional surgeon.

What to Look for Before Hiring the Best Liposuction Surgeons

One of the most daunting tasks many patients go through is finding the liposuction surgeons to address their health issues. It is important to appreciate the fact that getting the best liposuction surgeon requires that one becomes diligent enough in the search so as not to cry fowl. This is one important area where one can seek for the assistance of the friends, family members and any other medical professional whose recommendation can be of profound significance. Read the full article by clicking this link.

Plastic surgeons have undergone several years of study and training before they could get their medical license to perform plastic surgeries. It is a must that you personally visit a surgeon first before you decide to have a plastic surgery. Surgeons usually provide expert advices to their patients regarding about their decision to undergo surgery. One common plastic surgery today is the rhinoplasty. This kind of surgical procedure focuses on nose reconstruction. With the right surgeon, you can get the right nose shape that will look best on you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a plastic procedure that allows you to be able to restructure the shape of your nose, or the angle of your nose in relation to your upper lip – or to make your nose bigger or smaller, for functional or for aesthetic purposes. Since there are risks involved in rhinoplasty procedures, it is important to make sure that this decision is important and necessary – and that you’ll be able to afford it, financially speaking. Choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon can be a daunting task, and one that must be taken seriously. However, there are certain tips that you can follow while choosing the right surgeon, to make sure that the person you choose is an experienced professional and will be able to satisfy your needs and desires. See more here.

Aesthetic improvement is already a trend in the society today. Many people are already considering on getting a plastic surgery for the main purpose of becoming more beautiful. Good thing today, plastic surgeries are more affordable and no longer a risk than before where it used to be quite dangerous.



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What To Know Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty?

There are so many people that have planned to go under the knife to improve their looks. And the most common procedure that is often undertaken by these people is that of rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is when you want to reconstruct how your nose looks. You can have your nose lifted when you are not happy with its height, or that you can also have it reduced when you think that it is just too big for your face.

Whatever your reasons for rhinoplasty, you must always think carefully about what it can do to you. You must always ponder about whether you really need such, as it is something that is permanent and can never be undone. You must be filled with the right information as to what it is really all about, so that you can have the right guidance when undertaking such a permanent procedure.

The Challenges of Revision Rhinoplasty in Sydney

What to expect in nose surgery reconstruction

Are you thinking about getting revision Rhinoplasty in Sydney? People who’ve had a nose job done in the past may be disappointed with the outcome and are considering a follow up surgery to achieve the desired results or correct any mistakes made by the previous surgeon. This follow up surgery would then be called a revision or nose surgery reconstruction procedure.

What you need to know about getting a revision rhinoplasty operation?

One of the first things that you need to know about the procedures in revision rhinoplasty (or any kind of reconstructive/corrective plastic surgery for that matter) is that it’s a lot more complicated than the first one. Your surgeon would have to work with possible scarring and deal with any tissues and bones extracted from the initial operation. Hence revision rhinoplasty presents a lot more challenges that only the best plastic surgeons in the country are equipped to handle – and you can bet that it is going to cost you. Added information on rhinoplasty here…

Apart from rhinoplasty, another procedure that is always sought after is that of liposuction. It is a process of quickly getting rid off fats from certain parts of your body. You can always be in shape after the procedure, and that it is loved by those people that don’t want to go on exercise. Liposuction is just like rhinoplasty is something that is being widely accepted by a lot of people who wants to change something in their own skin.

The Need To Exercise After Liposuction In Australia

Recent studies have shown that quickly eliminating fat through abdominoplasty in Australia followed by a sedentary lifestyle can cause people to gain visceral fat – the kind that accumulates deep around a person’s organs and increases one’s chances of developing diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Regular exercise shortly after the procedure serves to mitigate this effect as mentioned in a study published by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM). Hence for people undergoing liposuction in Australia, exercising is important if not essential in order to maintain the desired results and avoid any significant health problems in the process.

Preventing weight gain after a tummy tuck in Australia

Indeed liposuction is a quick and effective way of permanently removing fat cells on problem areas of the body resulting in a significantly fewer fat cells on the area concerned hampering fat production. However, fat cells located elsewhere in the body can end up making up for the difference. The JCEM study involved 36 women who all underwent abdominal liposuction with 18 of them engaging in an exercise program 2 months after the operation. The study found that the rest of the women who didn’t exercise at all 6 months after the surgery experienced a 10 percent growth in visceral fat.

Here the team at Australia Plastic Surgery constantly remind our patients that liposuction in Australia is not meant to be a shortcut towards permanent weight loss. The procedure can certainly help patients lose weight by removing a significant volume of fat but liposuction is really more of a contouring process. Plastic surgery details found on this site:

Plastic surgery is something that is enjoyed by so many people as it is one that is going to uplift their self esteem. When you feel that you need to do something on a certain part of your body, then you must never hesitate to visit a plastic surgeon so that the necessary assessment can begin and that you will be informed of the procedure that is to be done on you. You need to rely on experts and those that are specialized for the job, so that you can be happy with the outcome.

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Why Undergo Rhinoplasty?

It is important that you will always feel good about yourself. When you want to have a boost in your self esteem, then you can always opt at getting a good cosmetic procedure such as rhinoplasty, so that you can always feel better. There are a lot of options that you can choose from, as it is one that is increasingly becoming all too common, and is often sought after by various people. Rhinoplasty is a fast growing cosmetic procedure that is often acquired by people who wants to try to change a certain feature of their face.

When you are going to get rhinoplasty, then you can see for yourself that certain change is essentially going to come your way, and such change could exude your innate beauty. You can see yourself in the mirror with full of confidence due to the fact that you have something in you that you think is beautiful—that is, a changed and improved physical feature.

Noises After My Breast Enlargement Procedure

Breast enlargement can restore breast volume, enlarge small breasts and even up asymmetric breasts. The procedure will not only boost an individual’s self-esteem but also confidence. Sometimes after a breast implant procedure a patient may hear specific or a variety of slight sounds emerging from the implants including sloshing, squeaking, creaking, burping, gurgling, swishing, humming or rubbing. These noises are generally nothing to be concerned about due to their total benign nature and generally do not require treatment. A comprehensive, informative and understandable consultation with Dr, Tavakoli will make a patient aware about what to expect before, during and after surgery.


Do not panic if your hear any popping sound after your breast augmentation surgery. The noise sounds like when one sucks on a lollipop and takes it out of the mouth to produce that “pop” sound. It can be caused by residue air in the pocket adjacent to the implant that is forced to move from one area to another through a tight zone. The patient is likely to hear the sound when massaging her breasts, deep breathing or with certain movements. It is painless and as the air bubbles get absorbed by the body, the noise will decrease until it goes away completely.


Sloshing, which patients can also describe as gurgling or swishing can be caused by a fluid/air interface. Sloshing originating from the outside of the breast implants can be due to air-fluid level in the pocket external to the implants. The fluid can be seroma, which is a pocket of clear serious fluid that may develop after surgery. The sloshing sound should disappear as the position-dependent residual seroma and air are absorbed into the body. More rhinoplasty information contain in this link.

In fact, you do not have to be afraid about getting your nose done. A lot of innovation and technological advancement have happened, and that is why, rhinoplasty is something that is totally safe and one with a good success rate for that matter. You can be assured of good results no matter what, and even if you are not happy with how your nose looks, there is always a possibility of getting revision rhinoplasty such that whatever perceived mistakes that you have in mind will all be corrected once and for all.

Revision Rhinoplasty

We’ve all heard of Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, and it’s an extremely common plastic surgery procedure. But what happens when it goes wrong? Unfortunately, this is an all too common occurrence and many patients end up going back for a second operation. This is called a Revision Rhinoplasty. We talk to Dr George Marcells, one of the foremost experts in Rhinoplasty in Australia about what is involved in a Revision Rhinoplasty procedure.

Why have a Revision?

Whether it was for financial or personal reasons you went to your initial surgeon; if you just don’t like your new nose; or if the functionality of your nose has been compromised by the initial rhinoplasty surgery; all of these are reasons as to why you might head back to the operating theatre a second time. Dr Marcells says, “Aesthetic concerns, functional issues or, in many instances, both, drive the need for a revision rhinoplasty. The more common issues from primary rhinoplasty have to do with having too much removed from the nose structure or having too little taken off. Symmetry is another common issue. Unusually, excessive scarring may also lead to problems requiring a revision procedure.”

Your nose is right in the middle of your face. You can’t miss it! Changing it’s shape even slightly is going to change how you look. It’s important to get it right. Not only that, even slight changes in the nose’s shape can affect the functionality – and the nose’s function is pretty important! Breathing is not something you want compromised! You can read more about the medical reasons why the functionality of your nose might be affected. Additional information about rhinoplasty contained here:

With the right rhinoplasty done on you, then you can be confident with the perfect nose that you get. You can always be happy with your own skin and flaunt the new you. Rhinoplasty is certainly a confidence boosting procedure that you should always try so that you can be ready to face anyone at anytime.

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Easy Steps To Recover From Your Rhinoplasty Surgery

nose job Rhinoplasty – a “nose job” in layman’s terms – is the reconstruction of the features of the nose to provide a more aesthetic result of a clearer and more stable nasal operation. A nose job in Sydney is best performed under the supervision of a certified plastic surgeon, as they are capable of assisting in finding out the best solution possible for the needs of individual patients. In line with this, you can count on the skills and expertise of rhinoplasty Sydney surgeons in performing the task efficiently.

It is true that the procedure of correcting the shape or the functionality of the nose can be both invasive and intricate in nature. There are also those who experience a disrupted flow of air. All of these risk factors are considered carefully, and potential patients will be advised of the risks and possible complications. In ensuring that patients will experience an efficient result and recovery, listed below are some of the post-surgical tips that you can do to minimize the complications.

After surgery, the most common complaint that patients often experience is mild discomfort, tenderness, bruising as well as swelling around their nose. Ensure that you get enough rest as it will give you a healthy and shorter recovery time, and try and avoid blowing or touching your nose, if possible.

The pain, as well as the discoloration of your nose, will disappear over a six weeks period if you follow the correct care steps, especially during the most sensitive stages of the healing process. If there is still bleeding, to minimize it, stop smoking or any other pre-operative bad habits you have! It is imperative that you quit smoking and don’t drink too much alcohol. Also, don’t use anti-inflammatory medications that might affect the healing process.


You also need to refrain from strenuous exercises and training, especially during the first two weeks of your recovery, since during this time, the corrected structure will start to set. If you previously performed activities that put a lot of pressure on your facial region, once you’ve had your nose job, you will need to stop doing those, especially when your nose is still in its healing process. Also, don’t play any sports that may risk your nose being hit and cause damage, since if that happens, it may require you to undergo an added procedure just to correct the damage.

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Tripod suspension and stabilisation: an innovative splintage technique for closed reduction of comminuted and compound fractures of the nasal bones

Conclusions Tripod suspension and stabilisation is an effective and rational technique for splintage following closed reduction of comminuted/compound fractures of nasal bones. It is convenient for patients as they can breathe through their noses and do not restrict any activity while the splints are on. It is very stable and versatile and reduces hospitalisation as no packs are required and has shown excellent long-term functional and aesthetic results thereby reducing the need for open procedures. Level of Evidence: Level IV, therapeutic study. (Source: European Journal of Plastic Surgery)

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